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Full Blood Count (Haematology Profile)

Your haematology profile is a full blood count (FBC), which looks at the various components of your blood.

Your full blood count can give insight into a number of conditions including leukaemia, lymphoma, anaemia, infection and inflammation. For example, a low haemoglobin count in association with low ferritin stores indicates iron deficiency anaemia.

Unexplained iron deficiency anaemia always requires further investigation as it can be a feature if underlying gastrointestinal cancers.

Your full blood count (FBC) test

At your screening we will take a small sample of blood for analysis at our laboratory. Your FBC includes white cells, which fight infection, red bloods cells and their haemoglobin content, important in carrying oxygen. It also looks the number of platelets, which are cell fragments involved in clotting.

With blood disorders early detection is critical, many issues can be cured but treatment is required straight away. We provide a full analysis along with the standard reference ranges for your age and gender.

How to prepare

You do not need to fast prior to your test but you are advised to wear loose fitting clothing as we will need to take a blood sample.

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