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Bluecrest works with the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK, The Doctors Laboratory (TDL).  TDL are CPA accredited and transitioning across to ISO 15189 in accordance with UKAS schedules for assessment.

Using the latest Roche diagnostics equipment your standard blood sample is broken down into 25 constituent parts and analysed prior to reporting.

Our cardiology team uses the latest telemedicine systems, which enables us to provide immediate referrals if any high risk cardiac abnormalities are detected.

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and strictly comply with their guidelines and auditing procedures. See here for our latest CQC report.

Our screenings are grounded in research and clinically credible data.

Our Chief Medical Advisor and Specialist Medical Advisor understand the needs of both clinicians and patients and act to advise us on Clinical Governance matters and best practice.

Health screening is not a replacement for medical treatment and should you feel unwell you should seek medical advice. No screening can claim to be 100% perfect and it’s possible to receive false positives and false negatives. Health screening cannot guarantee future good health but it does have the potential to help with early diagnosis. Therefore your health screening is recommended as part of your general approach to maintaining good health and not a replacement for medical treatment or basic guidelines on healthy living.

We aim to give customers confidence in their results and the knowledge required to act in accordance with their findings:

  • We will explain the context of all results and what they mean for our customers, even when they appear normal
  • Where appropriate, our reports aim to inspire and motivate people to live healthier, happier, longer lives
  • We will put positive results in their proper and relevant context
  • All results will be compiled and sent in a single report to our customers, clearly explaining their meaning and the limitations of any readings
  • Where results are positive, we will not cause unnecessary worry – and we will offer follow-up support to customers
  • Where results are very raised a member of the clinical team will proactively contact our customers to make them aware of the situation rather than waiting for their results reports to be produced
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