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Bluecrest Health Customer Testimonials

“My GP was impressed.

The venue was very relaxing and pleasant. I didn’t have to wait and was able to have a coffee or tea before or after my tests.  The person doing the tests told me what he was doing and put me at my ease. I was surprized how quickly the tests were completed and I was saying Good Bye. The test results weren’t long in coming through and when they did, there were full explanations helping me to understand each results.”

Mrs Bond from Cambourne (2018)

“I only go for the best. The service is second to none.

The staff are very friendly, helpful and give you the time and information that you need to enjoy your visit. People may feel very unsure of what they see or hear, but with Bluecrest staff they are made to feel safe and special. As a retired NHS nurse I do know what I am talking about.”

Mrs Fletcher from Newport (2018)

“I showed my report to my NHS consultant and he was very impressed with it…

stating it provided excellent information and was reasonably priced too.”

Mrs Hoskins from Nuneaton (2018)

“I am so glad that I took the time to read your invitation to the screening.

You can’t go to your GP and ask for this kind of testing. It was a good M.O.T. for me.”

Mr Fellows from Glamorgan (2018)

“Well worth the effort, good health is important.

This is the third time I have used Bluecrest, it is quick, easy, well organized and the information supplied afterwards is excellent. This time I had a red flag, went to the doctors and now seeing a specialist, I had no symptoms, so without Bluecrest I would not have known there was anything going wrong.”

Mrs Nuttall from Bury (2018)

“Great description of the function of each body part accompanied the results.

The punctuality of the service is excellent, explanations given for each test performed, great feedback in report form.”

Mr Carolan from Dublin (2018)

“The whole experience from start to finish, was friendly and professional.

The report was received earlier than expected, it was clear and set out in easy to understand statements.”

Mrs Griffin from Telford (2018)

” I didn’t have to wait long for the appointment.

It was in a convenient location, results came through promptly and were very informative.”

Mrs Hunter from Surrey (2018)


All communications, arrangements, medical screening and report were excellent.”

Mr Taylor from Farnborough (2017)

“Excellent service.

Really good value for money and they explain everything to you.  When you get your report through the post it is very good value for all they have to do. I’m having a health check with Bluecrest every year for life.”

Mr Browns from Sheffield (2017)

“Very efficient company.

They supplied a very thorough and efficient service. The staff were pleasant and friendly. The resulting report was detailed and easy to digest. I would use them again and would recommend them to anyone else.”

Mr Hallows from Bradford on Avon (2017)

“Totally professional and thorough.

The whole process from booking, to appointment and receipt of results was conducted in a thoroughly professional manner! During the appointment, the clinician was very professional and explain each test in simple terms and was totally transparent.”

Mr Cheney from Hartlepool (2017)

“This is my third screening with Bluecrest.

I highly recommend them for both value and efficiency. They have also been very friendly and encouraging each time.”

Mr Burdon from Cornwall (2017)

“Would recommend.

It was on time, the nurse made me feel comfortable from the start, explained everything as we went along, answered all my questions.  I felt it was a worth while examination, there was a problem which I received notification of & consulted my GP, so thank you.”

Mrs Harris from Kingsbridge (2017)

“As usual, the service was brilliant.

I was seen on time, the nurse was efficient and courteous, and the report was comprehensive. I told a friend about my previous experiences (two visits) with Bluecrest and she also booked an appointment the same day as mine. She too was impressed with the service.”

Mrs Wait from Taunton (2017)

“Excellent professional and efficient service at affordable cost.

The service was very professional with everything clearly explained and questions answered. The location was good and easily accessible. The whole process is very efficient and all ran to time. The blood tests were quick and pain-free. The next steps were clearly explained.”

Mr Poole from Bournemouth (2017)

“I was warmly welcomed at Bluecrest Health Screening, even though I was 20 minutes early. I was soon in a very comfortable and well-equipped room where I was treated kindly, expertly, with respect and good humour.

I looked forward to my results and was delighted when it came – a glossy colourful and clear document. Each page was good until I got the heart rhythm – I simply could not believe I had a problem. I took my report to my GP and arranged a second ECG and it showed that I had had suffered a heart attack.

I had no idea of the risk I’ve been taking but and now on medication. I  feel so very lucky I saw the Bluecrest advert and decided to go for it. I’m confident that I will now get the medical help that no one guessed I needed.”

Mrs Smith from Oxfordshire

“It’s reassuring to know more about what’s going on inside my body.  Your team were really friendly and put me at ease.

Overall it felt good to know that I’ve done something positive like this and get more information about my health.  Since my screening, I have changed my diet and supplements to improve my health.  Having the information makes it easier to make these changes.

I have also recommended Bluecrest to friends and other members of my local gym.  I will definitely return to Bluecrest for annual health checks in the future.  It was great value for money.  I’ve always done lots of exercise and I’m the type of person who prefers to know what’s going on inside my body. I’d rather nip something in the bud before it becomes a problem rather than bury my head in the sand. I’d most certainly do it again – I can’t fault anything and now I feel really in control of my health.”

Mr Ford from Leicestershire

“I write on behalf of myself and my wife, to thank you for sending us the results of our screening. We applaud you on the way the results were presented and the speed at which we got them.

The staff were so efficient and pleasant – we thank them for their positive manner and pleasant attitude to us. We will pas on our feelings to any friends of ours who wish to participate – meanwhile our results have been passed to our GP and consultation has taken place.”

Mr Brown from Kent

“This was the first health screening that I’ve had.  It was great to be able to go somewhere private and independent and get such a detailed review and set of easy to understand results.

It feels very reassuring that I now understand so much more about my health.  I’d give your service full marks.  The service was great value for money. I would recommend Bluecrest to anyone looking to learn more about their health.  I now have the peace of mind that I’ve taken the time to have a really detailed review and understand more about my health than before.”

Mrs Carter from West Sussex

“I went for my health screening recently and was quite pleased with the whole process. At no time was any pressure brought to bear regarding further tests.

The operative was a very nice person who put me at my ease. The results are in! Was it worth it? Yes, it was worth every penny. I feel good about the results and feel much better than I do when I have seen the GP. I know what I am doing now and what I need to do in the future. Thank you for putting my mind at rest.”

Mary Webster

“It’s an easy way to check up how you are ACTUALLY doing physically, INSTEAD of just assuming the state of your body.

I was pleasantly surprised by my results. It gave me peace of mind and highlighted areas of health that could be improved. Overall it increased interest in looking after myself and I’d go again in the future.”

Mr Sheldon

“I had this screening as I am now 60 years old. The staff were extremely friendly & confident in their attitude. All procedures were explained fully.

The results showed there were a few minor problems, which were identical to a previous G.P.s blood results & have now been addressed. I took the results to my G.P. who was impressed by the presentation, & the price! I would, & have, recommend Bluecrest Health Screening to friends & family.”

Mr Ridley

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