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Bluecrest Health Checks – Your Results Report

Take control of your health

You’ll find your Bluecrest report provides you with a wealth of information, all written in easy-to-understand terms rather than medical jargon.

As one of our customers put it, “I’ve had other health screenings, but yours was so much more detailed. My results report explained everything so clearly.”


What’s more, if any follow-up action is recommended, you’ll have a one-page summary at the end of your document that you can show to your G.P. (We also provide additional early notification in the case of any critical results, backed up by 24/7 telephone support from our private G.P. helpline).

All reports are full colour and at least 16-pages long and put your readings into red, amber and green categories based on your health readings. They are designed to be motivational and supportive, backed up information about both the benefits and limitations of any readings and follow-up actions.

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