Celebrate World Heart Day today!

Posted on September 29, 2014

Founded in 2000 World Heart Day aims to raise awareness about the 17.3 million lives lost to heart disease and stroke yearly. This year’s theme is about creating heart healthy environments – so the places you live and work in encourage you to make the right decisions about your heart health. Click here to read more about World Heart Day.

So today at Bluecrest we’ve either walked or cycled into the office and are having an ‘active lunch’ day to help celebrate. What are you going to do?

Your heart is amazing

Your heart is a muscle, about the size of a fist. It is in the middle of your chest tilted slightly to the left – and every day it beats about 100,000 times. Your heart pumps about 23,000 litres (5,000 gallons) of blood around your body.

Blood coming back from the organs and tissues of your body enters the right side of your heart which then pumps it to your lungs, which remove waste carbon dioxide from the blood and recharge it with oxygen.

Sadly many aspects of heart disease are unexpected – and that’s why it’s good to keep track of your health and lifestyle risk factors.

Helpful tips for better heart health

Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death both in the UK and worldwide. It’s responsible for around 74,000 deaths in the UK each year. Sadly, around 1 in 5 men and 1 in 8 women die from this condition.

The NHS and British Heart foundation give a wide range of helpful information about keeping your heart healthy – see the following useful links: