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Posted on August 5, 2013

Health Screening and Stroke Prevention – blood clots

Blood Clot Dissolving Solutions – Stroke Health Screening, Treatment and Prevention

Sadly, the first sign of a stroke is normally a stroke itself.  This is a reason why health screening for stroke is becoming so popular.  Although, certain types of screening are more credible than others from a medical perspective (for example, Carotid artery screening amongst those without symptoms generates considerable criticism).  At the same time as more research is being conducted into health screening, more research is also taking place on treatment of conditions; particularly blood clots.

WAKE-UP – – is a large European clinical trial which has been set up to establish whether current ‘clot dissolving’ treatments can be used in people who wake up with the symptoms of stroke.

Up to 20 per cent of stroke patients wake up with stroke symptoms so the time the stroke started is unknown. This makes patients ineligible for the only approved treatment for acute stroke- rtPA. The “WAKE-UP” trial is currently recruiting 800 patients and will test the rtPA treatment in patients who wake up with stroke symptoms. The programme is being coordinated at the University of Glasgow. Bluecrest Health Screening welcomes all research both into the health screening technologies to help identify risk factors early as well as early treatment options.