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Bluecrest Health Screening Reviews and Credibility

Bluecrest works with the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK, CPA accredited and transitioning across to ISO 15189 in accordance with UKAS schedules for assessment.

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Customer Reviews and Credibility

After you have had your screening, you will be invited to take part in a customer survey if you wish to.  We analyse the feedback we receive every month.

For example, of those customers who had screenings in January 2019 and completed a survey:

  • 94% of customers rated the service at their screening as good or excellent
  • 95% of customers rated the results service as good or excellent

Below are some of the positive comments we received during January 2019 in response to the question “Is there anything else you’d like the company management to know?”

  • Your charges make it affordable for all so many people to take charge of their health.
  • Having a venue so close to home made all the difference.
  • This was my fourth screening; a Bluecrest screening has become a biennial event in my life.  The staff at each event have been excellent and the reports are thorough and valuable.
  • I took the Bluecrest report to my doctor in order to discuss the results. She commented that she felt the layout and content of the report to be quite good and worth the money.
  • I attended an appointment with my GP and found the results very helpful to plan the way ahead to monitor findings. 
  • The young male nurse was kind and efficient.
  • You have chosen your staff very carefully much appreciated.
  • The gentleman I saw was very polite and put me at ease.
  • The nurse who was testing me was very nice and explained everything to me.
  • Just to say how professional, friendly and reassuring the nurse was.
  • Was excellent from start to finish. I have already recommended to family and friends.
  • A very pleasant experience staff very helpful.
  • Very pleasant surrounding where you held the clinic,  I know the owner !!  Your staff were lovely. Thank You.
  • Always had great service from Bluecrest. I find staff who do medical are absolutely brilliant many thanks to all.
  • A very comprehensive document was produced – thank you.
  • The technician I dealt with was professional and friendly, and completed the blood sampling with a minimum of fuss. I felt it was a very stress-free experience.

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and strictly comply with their guidelines and auditing procedures. See here for our latest CQC report. Our screenings are grounded in research and clinically credible data. Our Chief Medical Advisor and Specialist Medical Advisor understand the needs of both clinicians and patients and act to advise us on Clinical Governance matters and best practice.

It is important to remember however, health screening is not a replacement for medical treatment and should you feel unwell you should seek medical advice. No screening can claim to be 100% perfect and it’s possible to receive false positives and false negatives. Health screening cannot guarantee future good health but it can help with early diagnosis. Health screening is recommended as part of your general approach to maintaining good health and not a replacement for medical treatment or basic guidelines on healthy living.

We aim to give customers confidence in their results and the knowledge required to act in accordance with their findings:

We will explain the context of all results and what they mean for our customers, even when they appear normal. Where appropriate, our reports aim to inspire and motivate people to live healthier, happier, longer lives. We will put positive results in their proper and relevant context All results will be compiled and sent in a single report to our customers, clearly explaining their meaning and the limitations of any readings. Where results are positive, we will not cause unnecessary worry – and we will offer follow-up support to customers. Where results are very raised a member of the clinical team will proactively contact our customers to make them aware of the situation rather than waiting for their results reports to be produced.

Bluecrest Centres of Excellence

Bluecrest offer a wide range of mobile clinics (over 2,000) through the year. In addition to our mobile network, we also currently offer three permanent Centres of Excellence. We’re looking to expand across these locations across the country throughout the course of 2019. Our current Centres of Excellence are located at:

  • 4 Cavendish Square, Harley Street District, London, W1G 0PG
  • 27 Finsbury Circus, London, EC2M 7AB
  • Ridgeworth House, 5/9 Liverpool Gardens, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1RY

Our dedicated call centre team are on hand to help you with any queries. 


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Why Bluecrest Health Screening?

Bluecrest Health Screening was founded to fill a gap in the private health screening sector for an affordable and convenient option without compromising on high quality and clinical robustness.

Bluecrest Health Screening aims to help people like you take control of their health. We do this by empowering you with clear knowledge about your current health status. Your Personal Health Report puts all your results in their proper and relevant context so you can decide what’s right for you and your future. We aim to inspire and motivate you to make the right decisions in order to live a healthier, happier and longer life.

You can choose to have a Bluecrest Health Screening at one of over 2,000 mobile clinics nationwide. Our clinics are usually setup in meeting rooms within comfortable hotel or conference centres.  Not only does this mean convenience – you should find a clinic within a 10 minute journey from your home or work –  it also means we keep our overheads low. The savings we make we’re therefore able to pass directly onto you. You can choose from a range of health checks or packages of health checks. We offer checks for heart disease, cholesterol, glucose, liver function, kidney function, digestive disorders, bowel health, anaemia and many more.

Bluecrest Health Screening positions itself as the UK adult’s partner in wellbeing, healthy lifestyle that empowers people to take an active role in managing their own health. We’ve undertaken over 310,121 screenings since we established in 2012.

View our Frequently Asked Questions here.

Professional Laboratory Facilities

Bluecrest uses a UKAS/CPA* accredited laboratory clinically accredited to ISO 15189. As part of its CPA status, the laboratory is required to undergo continual auditing to ensure clinical accuracy and quality. *CPA Clinical Pathology Accreditation

Professional Cardiology Facilities

Bluecrest use a specialist Cardiology Laboratory for all cardiology work.  The team uses the latest telemedicine systems, which enables us to provide immediate referrals if any high risk cardiac abnormalities are detected. Audited by some of the top Cardiologists in the UK and holding ISO9001/2000 status for Quality Assurance you can trust the quality of your results.