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Marketing including Direct Mail Letters

Bluecrest Health Screening is proud of the excellent service we give to customers throughout the UK and Ireland.  We use a variety of ways to promote the benefits of health screenings – including direct mail letters, emails, newspaper advertising, local affiliations, flyers and this website.  We hold over 1,800 convenient community health screening clinics every year.  When we organise these screenings, we use both national and local marketing to promote them and it’s not uncommon to receive a letter from us.

How did you get my details?

A question that occasionally gets asked is “How did you get my details?”, when we send letters to invite you to a screening clinic. Please be assured that when writing to you, we have no additional information about you other than what’s on the front of your envelope.  The information we have is available in the public domain and you’ve been selected because of your proximity to our screening clinic.

Bluecrest does not have any health information about our customers before they have their screenings – and we are not affiliated in any way to the NHS.  Our screenings are not organised on behalf the NHS and invitations are for private, local screenings for which a fee is chargeable – as explained in our marketing.

If you are interested in a private health check, our staff will be pleased to take payment for your screenings when you call.  All costs of health checks are also fully outlined in the invitation letter pack and the flyer enclosed within the invitation envelope.  If you choose to have one of our private health checks, we will ensure that your full results report will include a GP summary at the back.  This is so that you can share any of your results with your own NHS GP should you need to do so, for follow-up care if that proves necessary.

We also offer a private GP service available 24/7 365 days a year should you choose to avail yourself of our private service too.  It is our intention to provide a service that is complimentary to the NHS provision and we are proud of the feedback we receive from customers who have taken their reports to their own NHS GP’s following the identification of various issues.  We aim to give confidential follow-up support where needed.

Don’t send me any mailings

If you want to be taken off a mailing list, we will be pleased to help.  Our data controller will be pleased to ensure that you don’t receive any further mailings and we work within the guidelines of the data commissioner.  The last thing we would want is to write to people who don’t want to hear from us.  We also appreciate that health can be a sensitive subject and, as we do not have any health information about anyone we write to, before they become a customer and have a screening, we are unable to comment on any pre-existing medical conditions.

We ensure that customer files are cleaned regularly against all the main national suppression files, including those relating to bereavement and the mailing preference service.  However, if you are in receipt of an inappropriately sent mailing, please call us on 0800 652 2173 quoting the priority code shown on the letter and we can take actions to ensure that the address is not mailed again.

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