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Bluecrest offer great value because we do thing differently. Unlike traditional hospital-based providers, we don’t have the expensive overheads of running hospital buildings and we appreciate you don’t want to spend hours at an appointment. Rest assured however, we always ensure focus on the most important parts of your health assessment: your actual tests and your results. Take a look below to compare the content against other providers.

Compare Bluecrest’s services

Bluecrest – Active £129 BUPA – Health Focus £486 Nuffield – 360 Health Assesssment £574
Blood pressure Lifestyle assessment questionnaire Lifestyle assessment questionnaire
Height and weight measurements Mental health and stress indicator Personal medical history and lifestyle questionnaire
Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation Anxiety and depressions assessment Height and weight measurements
Body fat percentage Musculoskeletal assessment Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation
Waist circumference Physical activity assessment Body fat percentage
Hyrdration levels Diabetes risk Waist circumference
Muscle Mass Diet assessment Nuffield Body Composition Index
Bone Mineral Mass 2 x Lifestyle telephone coaching sessions following your assessment Hydration levels
Visceral Fat Rating Lipid profile Urine analysis
Metabolic age calculation Diabetes HbA1c (non-fasting) Full biochemistry profile including liver and kidney function
Resting ECG (Heart Rhythm) Haemoglobin (anaemia) Blood glucose (diabetes)
Metabolic Syndrome (Heart Disease & Stroke Risk) Kidney function tests Cholesterol test and full lipid breakdown
Blood glucose / diabetes risk (non-fasting) Urinalysis to detect infection, diabetes or kidney problems Analysis of nutritional status
Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) test (40+) General examination Computerised spinal assessment
Liver function (For men) testicular examination / prostate † Lung function test
Kidney function (For women) breast examination† Measurement of physiological resilience to stressors
Lung function (COPD) test Blood pressure (both arms) Blood pressure
Cholesterol readings (HDL, LDL, Triglycerdies, Total Cholesterol, HDL/Cholesterol Ratio) Cardiovascular risk Resting ECG
Bone health – calcium, corrected calcium, phosphate Heart rhythm screening Cardiovascular risk score
General health markers (Albumin, Globulin, Total Protein) Resting ECG† (electrocardiogram) Chest x-ray (if clinically indicated)
Iron levels and Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC) Height, weight and body mass index Bowel cancer test (45+)
Uric acid (inflammatory arthritis / gout) Waist measurement and waist-to-height ratio Analysis of metabolic syndrome risk
24/7 GP Helpline Body fat, basal metabolic rate and estimated energy requirement Testicular examination & guidance on self-examination
Musculoskeletal health factsheet GP Consultation Prostate cancer blood test (50+)
Good health advice factsheet † Where medically appropriate / clinically indicated Breast examination & guidance on self-examination
Breast Cancer Awareness factsheet Pelvic examination
Testicular Cancer Awareness factsheet Cervical smear †
High vaginal swab
Thyroid function test (female 50+)
Mammography (where purchased and usually appropriate for those aged 40 and over)
GP Consultation
† Where medically appropriate / clinically indicated