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Male Hormone Profile (Males Only)

Your Male Hormone Check includes tests for important male hormones including testosterone, luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

Male Hormone Profile (Males Only)

7 Blood Tests | Private GP Consultation | 24/7 GP Helpline

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Male Hormone Profile (Males Only)

Your package of male hormone tests gives you a great overview of your key reproductive male hormones. Whether you’re looking to check your fertility, you’re experiencing a decreased libido, hair or muscle mass loss which you feel could be hormone-related, or you just want a comprehensive check of your reproductive hormones, this package of tests will give you the answers you’re looking for.

Hormones control many major bodily and behavioural functions, from digestion and growth right through to mood, reproduction and sexual development. This package of tests is designed to give you a good overview of the most important male hormones to help identify any imbalances which could be causing you problems such as hair loss, a reduced sex-drive and even infertility. There are a couple of important things to note about this package. The first relates to the testosterone check. You’ll only be able to book a morning appointment as testosterone levels must be measured in the morning to ensure your results are clinically accurate. Secondly, because we don’t want to cause unnecessary worry or concern, and because hormone results can be quite complex, we’ve included a 15-minute private GP consultation, via phone or webcam, to help you properly understand your results. This means you can privately discuss your results and raise any queries or concerns with one of our Registered GPs once you’ve received your results. This will help you decide what action, if any, you need to take.

All our tests have been specially designed to be convenient and non-invasive. Once you’ve booked your appointment, full preparation instructions will be provided in your confirmation email or letter. You can continue to eat and drink normally before your appointment, and you’ll also remain fully clothed throughout.

Includes a blood test for the testosterone, the major male sex hormone. This is suitable for males only.
LH is a gonadotrophic hormone made by cells in the pituitary gland. The hormone directly affects the reproductive system as it's important in stimulating the production of testosterone. And since testosterone is responsible for sperm production, too much or too little LH can indicate (or result in) infertility in men.
FSH is produced in the anterior pituitary gland. It regulates the development, growth and perhaps most importantly, the reproductive processes in your body. In males, FSH stimulates the production of sperm. Irregular levels of FSH can indicate reduced sperm production, infertility or testicular damage.
Oestradiol is the main naturally occurring oestrogen in your body. Together with regulating the reproductive system and secondary female characteristics, it also has an impact on the health of other tissues and organs including bone, liver, fat and the brain. In men, it's important in the maturation of healthy sperm and maintenance of sex drive. Low levels can cause erectile dysfunction, sleep problems, joint pain, anxiety and a low mood.
Prolactin is a protein hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland. Although it's primary role is in the production of breastmilk in women, it's important for men too. Whilst too little prolactin isn't usually a cause for concern, too much can cause erectile dysfunction and a low sex drive.
A glycoprotein produced mainly in your liver, SHBG binds with testosterone and oestradiol in your blood, transporting them to other tissues in your body. High levels of SHBG are often found in men with hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid) and cirrhosis of the liver. High levels of SHBG can also reduce the amount of free testosterone available in your body, leading to a decreased sex drive, reduced muscle mass, erectile dysfunction and low sperm production. Low levels of SHBG mean your body has more free testosterone available. This can cause mood swings, an increased muscle mass and weight gain.
DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone, is a hormone found in the adrenal glands. Although levels naturally decrease as you age, they are still very helpful in identifying many health conditions including adrenal problems, Cushing’s disease and Addison’s disease. And your levels of DHEA can also affect the production of other hormones in your body, including oestradiol and testosterone.
Get follow up advice from our doctors with a 15-minute consultation over your phone, Skype or iPad. Your doctor will have a copy of your results to review and offer your bespoke guidance regarding any next steps or just to offer reassurance.
As part of your Bluecrest Health Screening package, you get 1 year’s free access to our GP Helpline Service. The service provides 24/7 telephone access to a GP 365 days a year and is intended to be helpful for all manner of health issues during the course of a year – from tummy upsets through to travel advice.

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Bluecrest Health Screening was founded to fill a gap in the private health screening sector for an affordable and convenient option without compromising on high quality and clinical robustness.

Bluecrest Health Screening aims to help people like you take control of their health. We do this by empowering you with clear knowledge about your current health status. Your Personal Health Report puts all your results in their proper and relevant context so you can decide what’s right for you and your future. We aim to inspire and motivate you to make the right decisions in order to live a healthier, happier and longer life.

You can choose to have a Bluecrest Health Screening at one of over 2,000 mobile clinics nationwide. Our clinics are usually setup in meeting rooms within comfortable hotel or conference centres.  Not only does this mean convenience – you should find a clinic within a 10 minute journey from your home or work –  it also means we keep our overheads low. The savings we make we’re therefore able to pass directly onto you. You can choose from a range of health checks or packages of health checks. We offer checks for heart disease, cholesterol, glucose, liver function, kidney function, digestive disorders, bowel health, anaemia and many more.

Bluecrest Health Screening positions itself as the UK adult’s partner in wellbeing, healthy lifestyle that empowers people to take an active role in managing their own health. We’ve undertaken over 310,121 screenings since we established in 2012.

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Professional Laboratory Facilities

Bluecrest uses a UKAS/CPA* accredited laboratory clinically accredited to ISO 15189. As part of its CPA status, the laboratory is required to undergo continual auditing to ensure clinical accuracy and quality. *CPA Clinical Pathology Accreditation

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Bluecrest use a specialist Cardiology Laboratory for all cardiology work.  The team uses the latest telemedicine systems, which enables us to provide immediate referrals if any high risk cardiac abnormalities are detected. Audited by some of the top Cardiologists in the UK and holding ISO9001/2000 status for Quality Assurance you can trust the quality of your results.