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Bluecrest Health Screening in your community

Why have I been invited?

Your health is your most precious asset, and something to be looked after. We strongly believe everyone should have the knowledge and tools to be able to improve their health and avoid serious illness.  And although the NHS is brilliant when you show symptoms of illness, many health problems don’t show any symptoms until it’s too late.

Preventive health assessments can help identify underlying health problems before they become more serious. They can help you avoid strokes, heart disease, diabetes, gout, high cholesterol and many more conditions.

“The results of two tests alerted me to a problem that neither I nor my GP had been aware of. Action has been taken. Left unchecked things could have become rather nasty! Worth every penny of the money spent!”  Linda Redhead, Devon

Our locations

We choose our venues due to their convenient locations, great transport links and ample car parking facilities. We have over 2,000 venues covering the whole of the UK, so you’ll usually find one within 10 minutes of your home or workplace. Unlike other health screening providers like Nuffield or Bupa (whose screenings cost upwards of £400 for packages), we don’t use private hospitals. This means we’re able to offer the same level of clinical accuracy without the expensive overheads of running private hospitals – we can then pass these savings on to you!

Who are we?

With the largest screening network in the UK and Ireland, Bluecrest are a leading provider of private health screening in the UK.  We’ve helped over 150,000 people take control of their health since our first screening event in 2012.  Now, we screen over 7,000 people per month all over the UK and Ireland. We consistently achieve over 95% good or excellent feedback in customer surveys, we are Care Quality Commission regulated, and our state-of-the-art CPA Accredited Laboratory uses the latest medical technology to ensure accurate results.

What happens at your screening

Once you arrive for your screening, you’ll be welcomed into a completely private consultation room by one of our friendly, experienced Health Screening Specialists.

All of our venues are comfortable, clean and local, with plenty of car parking.  If visiting your GP surgery or hospital makes you nervous, you’ll be pleased to hear our venues have a much more friendly, pleasant and relaxing environment than hospitals – our customers often comment on how relaxed they are made to feel during their screenings.

“Very friendly and efficient gentleman carried out the tests. I had to wait less than 5 minutes. He explained every one very clearly and patiently. I was very impressed by the whole procedure.  The results came quicker than expected and again, were fully explained.  Full marks.” Mr Bailey, Newbury


Other than a small blood sample, there are no invasive procedures or embarrassing questions – you’ll remain fully clothed throughout your appointment (although you will need to briefly remove your shoes and socks).

Your Health Screening Specialist will ask a few questions about your medical history and any medication you are taking, and will then begin your screening.  All tests will be fully explained to you as your Health Screening Specialist takes you through them, so you’ll always fully understand what each test relates to.  Our video below will give you a good idea of the whole process:

Your screening is quick, comfortable and painless – you will be surprised just how much information we can garner from a 30-minute appointment.

After your screening

After your screening, your data is securely transmitted to our system and your blood sample is couriered to our CPA accredited laboratory, The Doctors Laboratory (TDL).  Established in 1987, TDL are the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK, so you can be confident your sample is in good hands.

Meanwhile, your ECG readings are examined by our specialist Cardiology team who examine your heart rhythm and look for any abnormalities.  Your ECG test only takes a few minutes, but you’ll be surprised how many invisible health problems it can help detect.


“I’m so grateful for the Bluecrest check – it picked up the fact that I’d had a heart attack without knowing it. I’m now being treated to help me avoid another one.” Mrs Smith, Oxfordshire

Facts and figures

  • 80% of strokes are caused by invisible blockages in your arteries
  • 75% of people with PAD will suffer a heart attack or stroke if the condition is left untreated
  • Stroke is a leading cause of long-term disability in the UK
  • Over 80% of strokes could be prevented
  • Diabetes doubles your risk of suffering a stroke
  • Half a million people in UK have undiagnosed atrial fibrillation

Other available tests

As well as your core set of tests which give you 53 individual readings, you also have the option of adding specialist checks to your package.  Bluecrest can offer you a wide range of additional tests, including thyroid function, ovarian or prostate cancer, vitamin levels, coeliac disease and many more.  You can add these on to your package when you book or during your screening.

For more information and to book, please call 0800 652 3052.

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