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Your Personalised Results Report & The Bluecrest Online Health Hub

After your health screening with Bluecrest, you’ll receive a hard copy of your personalised results report through the post.  And if you’ve provided us with your email address, you’ll also be able to view your results report securely online via the Bluecrest Health Hub.

What’s in Your Results Report

Your results report explains each of your test results in detail, giving each result a “flag” of red, amber or green.  These flags help you easily identify if any of your results are outside of the normal range for your age and gender. Designed to be user-friendly and easy to understand, we don’t try to baffle you with complicated medical jargon. Instead, each result is explained in plain English – we even include a page containing an overall summary of your results, which you may choose to share with your own GP.

If any of your results are in the Amber or Red category, we give appropriate follow-up advice from our Medical Panel to help you fully understand what you should do next.  What’s more, if any of your results are critically outside of the normal range, we will alert you straight away so you needn’t worry.  Additionally, our full health screening packages include access to a Private GP helpline, so if you have queries you can rest assured the Bluecrest Medical team are on hand to help 24/7.

Bluecrest Health Screening Results Report

Your Personalised Health Report Explains Each Test Result In Plain English

Although you’ll receive a hard-copy of your health report within 21 days of your appointment, you’ll also have the opportunity to view your results report securely online via the Bluecrest Health Hub.  On average, results will be available to view via the Health Hub within 8 days of your appointment.

The Bluecrest Online Health Hub

We have recently launched our online health hub, which gives you access to view your results report securely online.  As well as viewing your results digitally, the Health Hub also contains useful health tips and advice from our Medical Panel of GPs, Nutritionists, Dietitians and Wellness Coaches. To use the Health Hub, you’ll need to ensure you provide your email address when you make your booking. If you’ve already registered, you can login to the Health Hub here.

The Red, Amber and Green flag system explained

Green means your result is within the normal range for your age and gender. We’ll give advice on what you can do to keep your result within this range

Amber means your result is slightly outside of the expected range. Usually this should not be too much of a concern, but where appropriate we will give advice on what steps you should consider taking to minimise your long-term health risks

Red means your result is further outside of the normal range. The advice you’ll receive for red flags will differ between tests – but rest assured, if urgent action is required we will let you know

Critical means your result is considerably outside of the normal range and you should seek urgent medical attention.  You’ll be given early notification of any critical results.  This means a member of the team will contact you immediately to notify you of the critical result and what steps you should take next.  You’ll then receive your full results report in the post as normal.